Cherry Crosby, CFO/CHRO

Cherry Crosby has been involved with the Y since 1993 on a regular basis, however, her first experience with the Y was at 16 years of age.

Her parents had an in-ground pool at their house and wanted someone to be lifeguard certified with the new pool, and through the YMCA she was able to do that. This was the only time she had any connections with the Y at a younger age. Cherry originally was hired part-time as the Assistant Bookkeeper, and worked in that position from July 21st until August 1st, 1993, and moved into the Bookkeeper/Systems Manager position full-time from there. She worked in that position from August 1st, 1993 until March 31st, 2010. Since March 31st, 2010 she has been in the role of CFO/CHRO.

The person she is most thankful for meeting in the Y is Tim Ward, former CEO of the Y. He is who has made her who she is today, a strong person. What inspired her about Tim is he had a huge heart for the Y. One could tell how big that heart was by his actions when something did not go like he wanted it to or it did not go well for the interest of the Y. His actions would let you know about the situation. His actions made her look deeper into what is best for the Y. Over the years through the good, bad and ugly, the Y has made her see how much we can help our members, participants, and community by all things we have done for all of them. From our special events to the most recent food drives, we helped so many people during these trying times.